Tuesday, February 26th, 2019
6:00 p.m.

In December 1791, the slave ship “São José” sank off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa, tragically killing 212 of the 500 slaves aboard. At a FOSL program, offered in February 2018, Dr. Stephen Lubkemann traced the story of the ship, its harrowing demise, and the remarkable efforts of the Slave Wrecks Project in recovering that history. At this year’s presentation, Dr. Lubkemann as the International Coordinator of the Smithsonian-based Slave Wrecks Project will discuss how the project’s investigations of slave shipwrecks across the globe – ranging from Brazil to South Africa, Florida to Mozambique, Cuba to Senegal and São Tome – is offering new insights on the slave trade and its role in creating the modern world, while encouraging a reckoning with this past and its enduring legacies in the present. Register for this event online.

The Slave Trade in Seven Shipwrecks
Archaeological Investigations of the Slave Wrecks Project